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Dislocated Team: "My teammates are in 3 different time zones! Help!?"

A question from a former student of my Scrum courses.

A former student of mine asked me a question:

I've just started working with a product development team whose members live in India Standard Time, Central European Time, and East Standard Time I'd like to help to configure our Sprints. Do you have advice about stand-ups? How often? Should we meet later in the day? Any advice would be appreciated.

Today, I enjoyed a walk with our dog and considered this question. In the video, I discuss 3 possible paths to address the challenge.

00:23 The Question
00:55 Don't Presume they agreed to Scrum
01:35 3 Possible Team Topologies
01:38 Path 1: Remote-Only, Radical Asynchronous
02:10 It's like Crowd-sourcing
02:58 Path 2: Dislocated Team
03:46 Shared Services (not a "team")
04:43 Daily Stand-up across time zones
05:04 You're not crazy
05:24 Path 3: "Real Teams" distributed around the world
06:29 Can each distinct team work independently?
06:49 Real-world example
08:48 One Product = One Product Owner = One Product Backlog
09:27 The hardest part is transparency
09:94 NEXUS (Scrum of Scrums)
10:58 Not the most common, but winning
11:08 Thank you


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