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How to Help Scrum "Masters" Who Don't Know The Basics

A couple of months ago, I posted a prompt online. I said: “Hey, do you have questions about Scrum?”

I got a tough question from Thomas, who asked: "Whilst everybody has to start somewhere, what do we do about "Masters" who don't know the basics?"

My answer in brief: Put them to the test! Then help them improve.

In this video:

00:23 Question from Thomas
00:38 The word "Master"
01:03 Intended to mean "servant leader"
01:08 False equivalency, wilful misrepresentation
01:38 Micromanagement and slavery are not the same
02:29 "Scrum Master" is like "Master of Ceremonies"
03:00 Many resumes with Scrum Master credential
03:17 Certifications are badly named, lead to misunderstanding
03:41 Thomas' great question
03:04 How to test a Scrum Master
05:07 About self-management

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