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Scrum is NOT Dead

But there are plenty of reasons to think so.

A few weeks ago, I invited questions about #Scrum and Greg Munt offered an interesting one.

In this video, I explore the questions:

  1. Is #Scrum dead?

  2. Is Scrum just "rebranded #waterfall"?

  3. Is Scrum likely to become obsolete as more teams learn and practice #XP?

Please join me as I walk with the dog and share my thoughts on the topic.

00:29 Scrum is not dead
01:45 There is plenty of ZOMBIE Scrum out there
02:36 I believe we'll see a refinement in future
03:35 "Scrum is rebranded waterfall"
04:05 The elephant in the room
05:06 Avoid pessimism
05:36 As for Xtreme Programming
07:15 There's still much to learn
07:41 As for me…

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